What can you take on a plane? Search if something is allowed to bring on a plane.

Wondering what can you take in your carry-on luggage? This website provides an instant answers for checked luggage and carry-on rules for over 500 items. All rules apply to the year 2021.

The most important is liquids rule (3-1-1 rule), that all liquids in carry-on must be maximum of 100ml (3.4 oz) and must be packed in quart-sized bag. But there are some items considered as liquids that are not obvious to first-time flight passengers, like creamy cheese, dips, lipstick, aerosols - they should all go to a liquid bag. So these are the main rules of what can you take on a plane:

  • liquids which are more than 100 ml (3.4 oz) can only be taken in checked luggage.
  • sharp tools more than 6 cm (4 inches) are not allowed on board - but small scissors or tweezers are allowed in a cabin bag
  • items with flammable sign on the bottle ( nail polish remover, fertilizer, pepper spray) are strictly prohibited in any part of plane
  • you can only have one piece of lighter e-cigarette (must stay in your pocket)
  • your power bank (and all other batteries, like laptop/camera battery) can only have a 100 Watt-hour (approx. 20 000 mAh - for 5V input) battery. What is interesting, these items are only allowed in hand luggage!
  • all rules regarding taking food on plane can be found in a food section.
  • Work tools that can be used as pointed or edge-edged weapons (e.g. drills and drills, carton cutters, utility knives, all kinds of saws, screwdrivers, steel crowbars, hammers, pliers (pliers), wrenches/adjustable wrenches, soldering lamps) must be taken in checked luggage.

Sometimes you might be surprised which items are prohibited and which are allowed to carry in your hand baggage or your checked baggage. Our site will help you go through security at the airport without feeling nervous. Remember - if you can’t bring something on an airplane there’s always a chance to buy it in a duty free zone!