Can I take tweezers on a plane?

Hand luggage:

airport cabin bag

Checked luggage:

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tweezers should be securely wrapped to prevent injury.

tweezers on a plane

Can I take tweezers in my hand luggage?

Tweezers are one of the most common items to pack in your hand luggage. However you must be aware that tweezers may be prohibited to take on board in some occasions. The main security rule says that sharp objects are not allowed to bring in carry on bags if their length is more than 4 inches (6 cm in Europe) - mostly scissors and knives are considered as those dangerous sharp objects, but regarding to this rule - long tweezers are prohibited items and may not be permitted at security checkpoint. Airport security checkpoint will measure your tweezers and if you want it to make the travel to your destination, you should consider to pack them in checked baggage, because the rules say that you are allowed to bring sharp tools in your checked bags (such as nail clippers, scissors, razors and other travel items having blades). There may be problem if you want to carry point-tip tweezers in you cabin on bag because they are very sharp and depending on tsa security officer - they may be prohibited. Nevertheless, flying with tweezers in most cases is allowed because their typical length is smaller than 6 cm - only special watchmakers tweezers may have bigger length and should be pack in checked luggage. For passengers safety - if you are traveling with tweezers - you should wrap them in some paper to prevent the injury of you or the airport security officers that may perform screening of your checked baggage or carry on luggage. There is no difference what airline the plane belongs to, the rules are the same for all of them.

Are electronic devices considered as sharp or dangerous?

Your laptop, portable charger and other electronic equipment must be packed in carry-on bag. This is because batteries are not allowed in checked luggage because there were reports of autoignition. You should contact your airlines to check if you are allowed to take particular electronic device in checked luggage. You can also use tweezers to take off the battery from laptop.

What travel items can be confiscated during tsa screening?

Air travel rules deny taking sharp objects in your cabin bag due to flight security, but they are allowed in your checked luggage if the items are securely wrapped. According to these rules - you may not carry scissors or any items with blades like nail clippers in your hand luggage.

What kind of tweezers can you take on a plane?

ItemHand luggage
Slant-Tip Tweezers Allowed
Point-Tip Tweezers Not allowed
Pointed-Slant Tweezers Allowed
Wide-Grip Tweezers. Allowed
Round-Tip Tweezers Allowed
Flat-Tip Tweezers Allowed
Arched-Claw Tweezers Allowed

Please note that airport security officers may decline taking an item on a plane if it may cause a threat. Rules may slightly differ depending on the airport and circumstances. They may be occasions when you enter a country with one item, but it will be confisticated on a way back due to different country rules.

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