Can I take nail polish remover on a plane?

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Yes, you can bring nail polish remover on the plane as long as it's 100 ml or less and fits in your liquid bag. There is a possibility that nail polish remover will be treated as flammable item and won't be accepted by security - please make sure that there is no flammable material sign on the label. We advice you to buy nail polish remover wipes as they are not trated as liquid.

Can I take nail polish remover on a plane

When would taking nail polish remover on a plane be considered as dangerous?

There are two main types of nail polish removers, and depending on which type are you taking on the plane - it would be denied by airport security or not. The first type is the acetone one. If your nail polish remover is made of aceton - it you cannot bring it on an airplane. This is because aceton is flammable and these kind of items are strictly prohibited to take on a plane in both carry on luggage and checked luggage. Sometimes instead of Aceton the bottle contains ethyl acetate - this substance is also highly flammable and security rules also apply to this kind of nail polish remover. Check a label on the bottle and try to find a flammable sign on it - if it's there, this kind of remover is not allowed to take on a plane, if it's not there you can take this particular nail polish remover in your checked luggage and in you cabin bag (if it's less then 100 ml or equal).

I want to take nail polish remover on a plane with me, what alternatives of aceton one do I have?

Instead of buying a flammable aceton bottle you can:

  • Buy nail polish remover wipes (pads), which are non-aceton and therefore are safe to take on a plane not matter what luggage type they are in. Usually they are fruit-scented, and do not alcohol smell.

  • Take a non-flammable with you on a plane

  • Buy nail polish remover at your destination (they should be in any cosmetics store and most of the supermarkets)

What are the rules regarding nail polish?

Nail polish is considered as liquid and should be put in transparent cosmetics bag together with other toiletries if taken in carry on. You can have as many pieces of nail polish as you want in your checked luggage.

What other flammable or explosive items are dangerous and banned from taking on a plane?

You can only take one piece of self-defense sprays or lighter

You are not allowed to bring fertilizer on an airplane

You can't take party poppers on a plane

Please note that airport security officers may decline taking an item on a plane if it may cause a threat. Rules may slightly differ depending on the airport and circumstances.

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